David Thompson, the songwriter and ‘man behind the curtain’ of Woody Overtones Music, lives in lovely Bozeman, Montana, where he does a bunch of things.

Those things include—or have included—being a fly fishing guide and instructor, a published outdoor photographer, a writer at random moments, and currently owning and operating a 'strategic design and brand management' agency called Brickhouse Creative. Also, he performs and travels with Kane’s River, the Fishing Music Band, and the Growling Old Men trio on occasion, and has co-produced two deceptively cute daughters.

And where did the name "Woody Overtones" come from? Like, isn't that something you'd say about wine if you wanted to sound fancy? Why yes, it is, but it works for music too, says Ralph (see below)...

"Music and wine are one."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson