The Creekwalkers

The Creekwalkers' "Slow Motion Sky" represents not so much a band but a collection of friends and musical ideas that come together to take a new spin on singer-songwriter/Americana music.

Part folk, part bluegrass, pop rock with jazz, Slow Motion Sky is 13 songs written by Montana-based David Thompson and takes shape from the  skills of great vocalists and acoustic musicians from across the country.

What folks are saying about the album...

“After I heard the first song I thought, jeez, I wish I were in a convertible with the top down riding off to nowhere while listening to these tunes - just a drive somewhere that's long enough to listen to these tracks over and over…” 

- Mollie O’Brien, Grammy Award Winning Vocalist

“David Thompson has always been one of my favorite songwriters in the "you ought to know who this cat is but probably don't" category...  Because he writes beautiful, accessible melodies with lyrics that touch the sky…”

- Tim Stafford, Grammy Award Winning Guitarist, Vocalist, and Songwriter

Available for purchase at: CD Baby as well as iTunes, Amazon mp3, Snake River Records and other outlets.

Here is a way to listen to a couple of the tracks...