Elkins & Thompson "My Feet Won't Miss This Ground"

Riding the fine lines between folk, bluegrass, and Americana, "My Feet Won't Miss This Ground," features a potent combination of compelling songs and some of the most emotive singing you'll hear in any genre. All acoustic-based instrumentation brings a warm, big sound to the project, and the overall production quality is top notch. It delivers something approaching a Norah-Jones-meets-Alison-Krauss mood and feel, with just enough edge to keep you coming back to listen again and again. The musicianship is outstanding, with agile performances by renowned guitarists Mike Dowling and Jim Hurst, but also remarkable mandolin work and evocative whistles on several of the tracks. Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine says “Few projects with such diverse ambitions maintain consistency and purpose like this one does.”

  1. Midnight Trains
  2. Life Sentence
  3. Carolina Is Gone
  4. As the Crow Flies
  5. Whiskey Bottle Home
  6. My Runaway
  7. Old Man Winter
  8. 500 Times
  9. Spanish Peaks, China Moon
  10. Mercy Railroad
  11. One More Road
  12. When the Mist Comes Again/The Black River Jig
  13. December
  14. Not Coming Down

Here are a couple song samples...