Fishing Music I

A spirited mix of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing and rivers, performed by some of the country’s top acoustic musician including Tim O’Brien, Mike Dowling, Mollie O’Brien, Billy Novick, Ben Winship, David Grier, Matt Flinner, Karine Polwart, David Thompson, Rob Ickes, and more…

  1. The important part of fishing (Tim Bays)
  2. Up a lazy river (Hoagey Carmichael & Sidney Arodin)
  3. Fly fishing (Django Reinhardt)
  4. I’m gonna go fishin’ (Duke Ellington & Peggy Lee)
  5. Ocean of dreams (David Thompson & Ben Winship)
  6. Deep river blues (trad.)
  7. Upstream (David Thompson)
  8. Fishing blues (Henry Thomas, arr: Taj Mahal)
  9. The fishin’ hole [the Andy Griffith theme song] (Hagen, Spencer & Sloane)
  10. Fisherman’s reel (trad.)
  11. Madison Brown (Winship, Thompson, Lowell)
  12. Banks of the moorlough shore (trad.)
  13. The wicker creel (trad.)
  14. Fish ain’t bitin (Corey Harris)
  15. Reflections off the water  (Kostas)
  16. Upstream [reprise]

Produced by Ben Winship & David Thompson
Copyright 2003

Here are a couple song samples...