Fishing Music II

The follow-up to the acclaimed Fishing Music, here is another spirited mix of songs and tunes inspired by fish, fishing, and rivers, featuring original performances by some of the country's finest acoustic musicians. Featuring: Ben Winship, Tim & Mollie O'Brien, Billy ovick, David Thompson, Jeffrey Foucault, Mike Dowling, Rob Ickes, Aoife O'Donovan, Margo Valiante, John Lowell, Leon Hunt, Matt Flinner and many more.

  1. Little Miss Cutthroat
  2. Mayfly
  3. Gone Fishin'
  4. The Eel's Nephew
  5. Waiting on the Evening Rise
  6. Wade in the Water
  7. Fishin' in the Wind
  8. Old Bamboo
  9. I Caught a Keeper
  10. Lost River
  11. Church of the Wandering Stream
  12. Fishing in the Dark
  13. Opening Day
  14. The Winding Stream
  15. The Ol' Diamond Back Sturgeon/Jeff Sturgeon
  16. Everybody's Fishin'

Produced by Ben Winship & David Thompson
Copyright 2009

A portion of the Fishing Music profits are donated to organizations that help protect rivers. Visit for further information.

Here are a couple song samples...