Kane's River "Kane's River"

One of the Northwest’s most successful acoustic bluegrass bands in their heyday, Kane's River achieved national success with songs near the top of the National Bluegrass Charts, and performances at many of the top festivals and venues around the country including Rockygrass, Wintergrass, and IBMA.

The first self-titled album featured founding members and Bozeman, Montana residents John Lowell (guitar, vocals) and David Thompson (bass, vocals); also Julie Elkins (banjo, vocals) a Montana native now residing in Raleigh, NC, and Jerry Nettuno (mandolin, vocals) of Bozeman, Montana. Although he wasn't yet an official member of the band (that would be on the second album), the first album also had many tracks featuring future-KR member Jason Thomas (fiddle) of Orlando, Florida.

Their mostly-original music features classic and contemporary themes, killer harmonies, and hard-core drive, and it appeals to aficionados of bluegrass, folk, and just about any kind of popular music.

  1. This Whole World
  2. Billy Austin
  3. All That's Left For Me
  4. Talk To God
  5. Sea of South Dakota
  6. Calm Before The Storm
  7. Take Me Back Home
  8. Pray For Rain
  9. Cole Younger
  10. Scowlin' John
  11. In Your Hands

Produced by Tim Austin
Doobie Shea Records
Copyright 2000

And here are a couple song samples...